KCQSVG low voltage reactive power compensation

Maximum power consumption of the whole machine: 25W
Level output contacts: 16 channels, each channel DC12V/30mA
Contact output contacts: 120VAC/10A, 220VAC/8A, 400VAC/3A

low voltage reactive power compensation

product description
KCQSVG combines the functions of SVG module and TSC. Based on the SVG system, it adds the performance advantages of TSC and improves the cost performance of the entire reactive power compensation system. The reactive power generated by the load is compensated by TSC first, and the dynamic process and SVG module compensation difference are supported by SVG, thereby ensuring the dynamic characteristics and compensation effect of the system’s reactive power compensation. The entire set of equipment uses an intelligent control unit, unified and coordinated control, with flexible capacity and compensation methods. The active part can work alone, and the passive part can be actively controlled, effectively reducing costs and achieving effective compensation effects.


Scope of application
In the solution suitable for active and passive TSC hybrid compensation, hybrid compensation is achieved through centralized monitoring and control.

Control signal: Use power factor as the target parameter for control, universal for 16 channels
Compensation method: The user chooses separate compensation or total compensation, SVG+TSC mixed compensation
Data preservation: parameters will not be lost after power loss, and data will be saved permanently
Overvoltage protection: When the grid voltage exceeds the overvoltage setting value, the capacitors that have been put in are quickly and step by step removed.
Strong anti-interference: unique design, there will be no crashes, random throwing, or random cutting during operation.
Switching shock: can prevent repeated switching due to small current loads and overvoltage thresholds.
High sensitivity: the compensator can work normally when the input signal current is 0.10A
Display error: When the input signal current changes from 0.10A to 5A, the measured and displayed power factor value error does not exceed ±1%.



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