KCAPF Active Filter APF

KCAPF is a new power electronic device used to dynamically suppress harmonics and compensate for reactive power. It can compensate for harmonics that change in size and frequency and reactive power. Its application can overcome traditional harmonics such as LC filters. It overcomes the shortcomings of wave suppression and reactive power compensation methods, obtains better compensation characteristics than passive filters, and is an ideal harmonic compensation device.

Scope of application
Suitable for urban bus charging stations, ventilators, air conditioners, water pumps, communication systems, oil field platform engineering, automobile manufacturing, university towns and sports
In places with serious harmonic distortion, such as power distribution systems in museums and hospitals, metallurgy, and petrochemicals.

working principle
KCAPF is based on the instantaneous reactive power theory of three-phase circuits as the main theoretical basis. According to different compensation objects, it is usually divided into two types: parallel type and series type. The parallel type is mainly used to control harmonics caused by current; the series type is mainly used to control harmonics caused by voltage. Practical applications are mainly parallel type.
The basic working principle of KCAPF is: the active filter detects the load current through the current transformer, and calculates through the internal DSP to extract the harmonic components in the load current, and then sends it to the internal IGBT through the PWM signal to control the inverter to generate an Harmonic currents that are equal in size and opposite to the load harmonic current are injected into the power grid to achieve filtering purposes.

Technical features
Comprehensive functions: harmonic compensation function, asymmetric compensation function, reactive power compensation function
High harmonic filtering rate: 2~50 harmonic currents can be filtered out at the same time, and the filtering rate can reach up to 97%
Advanced technology: continuous and dynamic tracking, fast response time <100μs, full response time <10ms. The filtering performance is not affected by the system impedance and will not produce parallel resonance or series resonance with the system.
The LCD display is rich and colorful: you can view waveform graphs, histograms, digital graphs, etc.
Compact design: modular design for easy installation


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