KCAVC real-time control voltage dynamic regulator

System parameters
Rated AC input line voltage: 208220380480600660690V
Input voltage range: -20%~+20%
Grid frequency: 50/60Hz (±10%)
System wire system: three-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire

  • product description

KCAVC products provide offline short-term energy compensation solutions. Solving problems such as voltage sag, voltage interruption or overvoltage, it is mainly used in electric power, electronics, medical, aerospace, and other fields.
By inverter, isolation transformer, super capacitor,
It consists of KCSCR switches, etc., and the energy of the power grid is compensated by supercapacitors.
supply. When a voltage sag occurs, the grid power can be cut off
voltage, the supercapacitor fully provides energy to the load, and is not affected by the power grid
The impact of pressure fluctuations. The compensation depth can cover 0~130%, which is effective
Control voltage sags, voltage swells and instantaneous voltage interruptions to provide users with
Avoid economic losses and production losses caused by voltage fluctuations.

  • Introducing the Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient voltage regulation solution? Look no further than our Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator. Designed to meet the demands of modern power systems, this cutting-edge device offers precise control and optimization of voltage levels, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

Precise Voltage Regulation for Optimal Performance

With our Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator, you can achieve optimal performance and reliability in your power systems. This advanced device continuously monitors the voltage levels and makes real-time adjustments to maintain them within the desired range. By dynamically regulating the voltage, it prevents fluctuations and ensures smooth operation, protecting your equipment from potential damage.

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator not only ensures stable voltage levels but also helps you save on energy costs. By optimizing the voltage supply, it reduces power losses and improves overall system efficiency. With its intelligent control algorithms, it minimizes unnecessary voltage adjustments, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

Whether you need voltage regulation for industrial applications, commercial buildings, or residential setups, our Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator is the perfect solution. Its compact design, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Invest in our Real-Time Control Dynamic Voltage Regulator today and experience the benefits of precise voltage regulation, improved system efficiency, and cost savings. Trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality solutions for your power system needs.

  • working principle

Grid operating mode
When the grid voltage is within the normal range, KCAVC is in standby state, the control thyristor SCR is in the conducting state, the inverter does not work, and the super
The capacitor is fully charged. The output voltage is the grid voltage,

  • Voltage sag/swell operating mode

When a voltage sag/surge occurs in the power grid, KCAVC quickly controls the thyristor to disconnect, and the grid voltage is completely isolated from the load. At the same time, the system discharges the supercapacitor through the inverter and fully outputs the preset nominal voltage to the load to ensure that the load output voltage is stable at 100%.

Device model System voltage (V) Installed capacity (kVA) Cabinet size width*depth*height (mm) Cabinet (Taiwan)
KCAVC-208-150 208 150 1600*1000*2100
KCAVC-208-300 208 300 1600*1000*2100 1
KCAVC-380-150 380 150 1600*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-300 380 300 1600*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-450 380 450 2000*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-600 380 600 3300*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-900 380 900 3800*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-1200 380 1200 5300*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-1500 380 1500 6300*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-1800 380 1800 6800*1000*2100 1
KCAVC-380-2000 380 2000 7800*1000*2100
KCAVC-380-2400 380 2400 8000*1000*2100


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