110V-690V Industrial Active Harmonic Filter

  • Rated Volt:110V-690V
  • Frequency:50/60HZ
  • Wiring:3P3W/3P4W
  • Installation: Cabinet rack mounted
690V Industrial Active Harmonic Filter
690V Industrial Active Harmonic Filter

The Active Harmonic Filter represents an innovative approach to address power quality issues, employing IGBT inverter-based 3-level topology technology for efficient real-time harmonic mitigation. This advanced harmonic filter provides a customizable priority function, offering capabilities such as reactive power compensation, load balancing, and harmonic filterin.

  • Product Overview
    The 110v-690v industrial active harmonic filter from Kaich is a cutting-edge solution for power quality issues. It utilizes IGBT inverter-based 3-level topology technology to provide fast and real-time harmonic mitigation. This active harmonic filter offers a range of functions including selectable priority function, reactive power compensation, load balancing, and harmonic filtering.
  • How it Works
    The active harmonic filter (AHF) is connected in parallel to the power system. Real-time power system data is collected through an external sampling current transformer (CT). The internal digital signal processor (DSP) reacts rapidly using an intelligent FFT algorithm to calculate the required compensation current value. It then sends a command to the IGBT, which dynamically adjusts the switching frequency to optimize the performance of the AHF. This allows the AHF to output a reverse amplification of the same value current to offset the harmonic current, thereby reducing harmonic distortion for each order.
  • Benefits
    By implementing the active harmonic filter, you can achieve a total harmonic distortion ratio below 5% according to the IEEE 519 standard. This ensures a significant improvement in power quality and reduces the risk of equipment malfunctions and failures caused by harmonic distortions. The selectable priority function allows you to prioritize specific power quality issues, such as reactive power compensation or load balancing, based on your specific requirements. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, the Kaich active harmonic filter is an ideal solution for industrial applications.


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