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Anhui Kaichuan Power Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in power quality optimization, a variety of power protection equipment research and development,
Production, sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises, headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery, science and education developed Hefei Luyang economic development
District, office area of nearly 10,000 square meters.

Since its establishment, the company has been the provincial, municipal, district leaders at all levels and friendly people at home and abroad meticulous care. At the moment,
The company has power quality research and development center, over voltage and over current protection product center, Hefei production and processing base, marketing center, Beijing
Service and response center and other core institutions, and set up overseas warehouses in foreign countries, with a number of provincial offices across the country, with Anhui as the center
Heart, product sales radiation nationwide, to the world. For more than 10 years, Kaichuan people rely on self-improvement, forge ahead and tenacious struggle
God made one brilliant achievement after another. With strong technical strength and advanced production equipment, the company continues to carry out technological innovation
And product research and development, the product positioning in the high-end market. In addition to traditional power protection products, the two fastest growing lines in recent years
Listed products are: KCIM series power grid operation equipment insulation online monitoring device, KCJD power grid grounding monitoring and management system. These products are wide
Widely used in power, petrochemical, municipal, mining, metallurgy, cement, steel, copper, port, energy, wind power, transportation, tobacco,
Construction and other industries, product quality has been praised by customers

The company adheres to the selection concept of “making the best of people, everything”, and adheres to the employment strategy of “people-oriented, to the essence and sincerity”.
Firmly “win by quality, the pursuit of excellence” business purpose. Highly paid industry experts are hired to continuously promote product updates in the professional field
Generation. In addition, the company has long established industry-university-research cooperation with universities such as University of Science and Technology of China, Union University of Technology, Hefei University, and Sanlian College.
Bringing together the elite, formed a professional R & D and sales team, laid a strong human foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Leading R & D level, high-quality staff, rigorous management, excellence in work style, for Kaichuan win
With honor, all homemade products of the company have independent intellectual property rights and have passed the testing of national professional institutions, and now have 115 countries
Patented technology product certificates, of which 22 invention patents have been authorized, 12 computer software Copyrights. In 2011, Kaikawa Electric Power was certified by the state
Ministry of Information Industry identified as a software enterprise, in 2012 was identified as a national high-tech enterprise, in 2013, the company’s 8 products were identified as high
New technology products, in 2014 won the Anhui intellectual property standard implementation demonstration enterprise, in 2015 was named Hefei entrepreneurship training base, in 2016
The company has been identified as a Hefei intellectual property management standard enterprise and a demonstration enterprise of the integration of Hefei and Chemical industry, and obtained ISO9001 quality in 2017
Management system ISO14001 environmental management system OHSAS18001 Occupational health management system, in January 2018 was rated as Anhui Province cross-border e-commerce
In January 2019, it was named as a pilot enterprise for the integrated development of manufacturing and Internet in Anhui Province. Step by step, Kaikawa people do not
Break to climb new heights.
“Integrity, innovation” is the cornerstone of Kaichuan Electric Power development!
“Cooperation and win-win” is the way of business for Kaichuan people!
Kaichuan people insist on continuous exploration in practice, continuous progress in exploration, continuous innovation in progress, and lay a solid foundation
Gather strong strength, is bursting out a new force, aiming at the industry’s cutting-edge technology, based on the present, looking forward to the future, and wise counterparts, create
Brilliant, will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!

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