Warm congratulations on the preparatory meeting of the Party Building Alliance being held in our company

On the afternoon of December 13, Party Building Instructor Vice Chairman Yang Bing convened five provincial social organizations: Anhui New Fourth Army Revolutionary Traditional Education Foundation, Hua’an Securities Foundation, Provincial Plastics Association, Provincial Private Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, and Provincial Corporate Culture Promotion Association The responsible comrades of the party organization held a preparatory meeting for the party building coalition in the activity room of our party branch.

The meeting first exchanged information on the progress of party building work in various associations, jointly studied the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs’ standards and requirements for the construction of party organizations in social organizations, and discussed the “Working Rules of the Party Building Work Consortium of Five Provincial Social Organizations” (Trial Plan).

Vice Chairman Yang Bing put forward guiding opinions and detailed arrangements on the significance of the establishment of the Party Building Consortium and the development of activities next year, requiring the Party Building Work Consortium to carry out work under the leadership of the Social Organization Comprehensive Party Committee of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and the guidance of the Party Building Instructor. Build a platform for common learning and exchange, and promote the standardization of party organizations in various associations and the construction of coalitions. The party building consortium sets up a leading unit, adopts a rotation system, and establishes a joint meeting system to summarize communication work, study plans and arrangements, and coordinate joint actions. Effectively combine party building work with social organization building work to form a new model of joint construction and sharing of party building work, and promote innovation in party building work in social organizations.

The leaders attending the meeting expressed their recognition of the Party Building Innovation Alliance, and jointly stated that they will actively implement it in future work, expand exchanges, achieve resource sharing, win-win cooperation, and strive to promote better integrated development of party building, socialist building and enterprises.

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