Introduction to BKPD photovoltaic system and signal power surge protector

Product introduction

The products are suitable for various DC power systems, such as background broadcast systems, communication systems, security monitoring systems, fire control systems, photovoltaic power generation systems, industrial control systems and other DC power equipment. To protect the equipment power supply system from hazards caused by lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage.

Structural features and advantages

Strictly selected high-quality lightning protection chips have higher reliability.

Large flow capacity, fast response time and low residual pressure.

Adopt temperature control short-circuit technology to avoid fires and have working fault prompts.

Equipped with remote alarm contacts (both normally open and normally closed contacts) to facilitate remote monitoring.

Modular design, simple maintenance and beautiful appearance.

Fast response time, action within nanoseconds.

35mm standard guide rail design for easy installation.

Precautions for installation methods

1) The power supply must be disconnected during installation, and the power supply must be strictly operated. The connecting wire must meet the requirements, and the grounding resistance must be less than 4Ω.
2) The protector does not require special protection. You only need to regularly check whether the connection is loose and whether the status indication is normal. When the fault display window of the lightning protection module indicates red (the remote signaling terminal outputs an alarm signal), it means that the lightning protection device is faulty and should be replaced in time.
3) Installed in DC distribution panels, DC distribution boxes, photovoltaic combiner boxes, electronic information system cabinets and the front end of power supply equipment, connected in parallel or in series at the incoming line of the power supply.
4) The wiring should be short, straight, thick, and thick, and use multi-stranded copper wires of the corresponding type.
5) A suitable fuse or circuit breaker should be connected in series at the front end of the parallel lightning arrester.

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