Parallel Rack Mounted AHF Module

Model number:KCSVG

Rated voltage:380V

Product details

1. Product Overview
KCQSVG combines the SVG module with the functions of TSC. On the basis of the SVG system, it increases the performance advantages of TSC and improves the cost performance of the whole reactive power compensation system. The reactive power generated by the load is first compensated by TSC, and the dynamic process and SVG module compensation difference are supported by SVG, so as to ensure the dynamic characteristics and compensation effect of the system reactive power compensation. The whole set of equipment adopts an intelligent control unit, unified coordination and control, and flexible combination of capacity and compensation methods. It can not only work alone, but also actively control the passive part. While effectively reducing costs, it can achieve an effective compensation effect.

2. Scope of application
In the scheme applicable to active and passive TSC mixed compensation, mixed compensation is achieved through centralized monitoring and control.

3. Technical parameter
Maximum power consumption of the whole machine: 25W
Power level output contact: 16 channels, DC12V/30mA per channel
Contact output contact: 120VAC/10A,220VAC/8A,400VAC/3A

ParameterScopeAdjust the step sizeBy acquiescence valueRemarks
System target power factor-1~10.011.00 
Voltage level setting380/480/690/1140  Be an option
Grid Frequency Agency50/60  Be an option
CT ratio setting150~100001600Secondary 5A
Cutting delay20ms~300s1ms20ms 
THDU exceeds the limit5%~15%0.17% 
Overvoltage protection5%~20%1%20%Phase voltage
Undervoltage protection-30%~-5%1%-25%For protection
Frequency protection ceiling0.5~50.12For protection
Lower limit of frequency protection-5~-0.50.1-1For protection
Fan on temperature20~100120

4. Technical characteristics
Control signal: power factor as the target parameter is used to control 16-way numbers.
Compensation method: the user chooses to subsidy or co-complenishment, SVG+TSC mixed compensation
Data saving: parameters will not be lost after power loss, and the data will be saved permanently.
Overvoltage protection: When the grid voltage exceeds the overvoltage set value, quickly remove the input capacitor step by step.
Strong anti-interference: unique design, there will be no crash, random casting and random cutting in operation.
Projection shock: Repeated cutting that can prevent small current load and overvoltage critical value
High sensitivity: The compensator works properly when the input signal current is 0.10A.
Display error: When the input signal current changes from 0.10A to 5A, the measured power factor error does not exceed ±1%.

5. KCQSVG Selection Guide

Equipment modelSystem voltage (kV)Mounting capacity (kvar)Module capacity (kvar)Circuit capacity (kvar)Cabinet size (mm)Number of cabinets

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