Active Power Filter APF

APF is a new type of power electronic device for dynamically suppressing harmonics and compensating for reactive power. It can compensate for harmonics and reactive power that vary in size and frequency. Its application can overcome traditional harmonics such as LC filters. The shortcomings of wave suppression and reactive power compensation methods are obtained, and it is an ideal harmonic compensation device to obtain better compensation characteristics than passive filters.


     It is suitable for occasions with serious harmonic distortion such as urban bus charging stations, ventilators, air conditioners, water pumps, communication systems, oilfield platform engineering, automobile manufacturing, university towns and gymnasiums, hospital power distribution systems, metallurgy, and petrochemicals.

Technical Parameter

Grid voltage (V)228~456482~759
Grid frequency (HZ)Grid frequency (HZ)45~63
Overall efficiency>97%>98%
Harmonic range2~502~50
fast response time<100s<100s
full response time<10ms<10ms
Compensation rangeAdjustable from -1 to 1Adjustable from -1 to 1
Communication InterfaceRS485, NetRS485, network port, USB interface
ProtocolElectrical protocol, Modbus, TCP/IPElectrical protocol, Modbus, TCP/IP
Communication InterfaceRS485CANRS4850AN
monitorSupport centralized monitoringSupport centralized monitoring
cooling methodSmart air coolingSmart air cooling


  • Comprehensive functions: harmonic compensation function, asymmetric compensation function, reactive power compensation function;
  • High harmonic filtering rate: 2~5 O harmonic currents can be filtered out at the same time, and the filtering rate can reach up to 97%;
  • Advanced technology: continuous and dynamic tracking, fast response time <100μs, full response time <10ms. The filtering performance is not affected by the system impedance, and will not produce parallel resonance and series resonance with the system;
  • The LCD display is colorful: you can view waveform graphs, histograms, digital graphs, etc.;
  • Compact design: modular design, easy installation;

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